Star Citizen Free Flight Weekend

News Apr 14, 2018: Star Citizen Free Flight Weekend

Today we have a news out of turn for you. This weekend you can try Chris Robberts - Star Citizen for free!

Star Citizen Ships
Many of you know Chris Robberts of space games like Freelancer or the Wing Commander series. Star Citizen is his current project. Planned as the space simulation with the largest ships and most systems, Star Citizen belongs to the hopefuls of the space game fans. Those who did not want to take part in the Alpha so far, in order not to spend money on expensive ships, can test the Alpha 3.1.2 all weekend for free.

Here briefly described, we get her an account and the client for free:

1. Create an account on the RSI website. Here you can use the Referal Code STAR-HYWL-5GLZ when registering to get 5000 UEC InGame money in addition. You can also log in directly via this link: Star Citizen Login Registration

2. Visit the Free Flight Promotion page and enter the code GETINTOTHEVERSE. Afterwards you can download the Star Citizen Launcher. Click here for the Free Flight Promotion

3. After installing the launcher, log in to the launcher with the RSI account. Next you can specify the settings where the game should be installed. We advise you to install the game on an SSD, as you will have much shorter load times. A current PC with at least 6 cores CPU, 16GB RAM and a graphics card with 4GB VRAM is required as system requirements.

We wish all the Star Citizen this weekend a lot of fun and few bugs. But do not forget, the game is still an alpha version!

Author: Henry Beier - 2018

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