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News Apr 8, 2018: Donate for

Today we have a donations button built into our website. From now on you can support directly.

In order to be able to expand our offer in the future and to be able to provide you with an iPhone app among other things, we ask you today for a small donation for our project.

All fans of can now bring the project itself. If you have requests for new features or content for the website, you can leave them directly in the comments to the news. We are also happy to accept criticism and recommendations for our Android app.

At the moment incurs costs for the operation and maintenance of the servers. If we get enough donations to improve our infrastructure, we will do things like embed SSL.

If you want to contribute to the costs of our project, you can find the donation link on the start page or click here.

We thank you for your loyalty and many years of support in the past and look forward to many more years with you and all GTA cheats!

Author: Henry Beier - 2018

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