GTA Online with stunt race week

News Mar 7, 2018: GTA Online with stunt race week

This week and until March 12th you will receive double RP and GTA Dollars for every stunt race!

As usual, Rockstar Games gives you the opportunity to tap big bonuses and discounts again this week.

Until March 12, 2017, for each of the stunt races in GTA Online, there are twice the number of RP points and also the double reward in GTA dollars.

Discounts are currently 25% on various sports cars and their accessories. There?s also a 25% discount on gearbox, engine, brakes, spoiler and some more improvements.

Those looking for a suitable outfit for the stunt races should currently take the opportunity to purchase the Cunning Stunts garments at Suburban, also reduced by 25%.

Anyone who wants to read the news at Rockstar Games completely can do so here.

The team of wishes you a nice week!

Author: Henry Beier - 2018

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